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Leading the Way for Cocktail Bars in Derby

Leading the Way for Cocktail Bars in Derby

Littleover Lodge has been one of the finest cocktail bars in Derby for many years, giving our customers a diverse mixture to match any taste.
From a flavoured pack Tutti Fruitti to a smooth Long Island Iced Tea, we’ve got you covered for any occasion in Derbyshire.

The History of Cocktails

Although many think cocktails originated in the United States, their creation has just as much in common with British shores.
Big bowls on punch were consumed in their gallons as far back as the 18th century in Britain, mixing spirits with fruit juice, spices and other flavours.
First printed in a British newspaper in March 1798, the term cocktail was universally used from 1806, described as a stimulating liquor composed of any kind sugar, water and bitters.

With the rise of the Industrial Revolution, cocktail culture continued to thrive with one key ingredient added – Ice!
It’s hard to imagine ordering a cocktail and receiving it at room temperature sans ice. We have Frederic Tudor, known as the ‘Ice King’ to thank for this, as he developed a business to export ice worldwide and in turn, the popularity of cocktails soared.
By the mid-20th Century, a cocktail culture had exploded with Manhattan and Martini lunches are a regular occurrence and rest they say is history!

Enjoy Yourself at Our Cocktail Bars in Derby

Whether you’re getting the girls together for a round of cocktails or planning a romantic date night then Littleover Lodge is the only destination in Derby.
If you’re the designated driver for the night, we also have a selection of delicious mocktails including Apple Mojitos and Strawberry Daquiri’s plus a host of scrumptious smoothies determined to tickle your taste buds.

Littleover Lodge is based in the quaint town of Littleover in Derby, perfect for a relaxing cocktail or two. All of our cocktail menu is handmade by our highly skilled bar staff who go the extra mile to give you the most authentic recipes around.
Find out more about our cocktail menu by getting in touch today.

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Allergens and Intolerance

This website is to be used as a a best faith effort to inform you of our allergen and intolerance policy,  and may not be 100% accurate, or may be out of date at the time of reading, you should always advise your server on any dietary requirements, including intolerance & allergies. All our dishes are prepared in our kitchens where allergens are present. We therefore cannot guarantee that all our dishes are free from traces of allergens.

You must assess your own level of risk, based on your personal circumstances before consuming any of our food or drink.