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Looking For A Place For A Drink This Weekend?

Looking For A Place For A Drink This Weekend?

When the sun is shining (we know how rare this can be here in Derby) it’s always nice to be able to go out, see your friends, and enjoy a tipple or two in a nice garden, or indoors if its a bit too warm for you. So why not call in at Littleover Lodge and make the most of our current drink offers?

Lets Talk Cocktails

We love a cocktail. And our team of mixologists have been hard at work pulling together the perfect cocktail menu for all our guests this summer. We wanted a selection that didn’t just shout summer, it screamed it.
So this year, we have gone for the full collection of classics. With a selection of fruity numbers, to a more traditional twist, what tickles your tastebuds.
Here are our favourites:
Espresso Martini – Espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur with coffee beans to garnish
Passionfruit Martini – Vanilla vodka, passionfruit liqueur, lime juice and sugar syrup
Gordons Pink Martini – Fruity blend of raspberries and lemon, mixed with red berries and the sweet taste of Gordons Pink.
Mojito – White rum, mint leaves, sugar syrup with a choice of traditional, strawberry or passionfruit.
Sex on the Beach – vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice – smells just like summer
Woo Woo – Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and lime juice
Black Russian – Vodka, coffee liqueur and Pepsi
Long Island Ice Tea – Gin, vodka, white rum, tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice and Pepsi.
Tequila Sunrise – Tequila, triple sec, lemon juice and grenadine.
Raspberry Collins – Gin, lemon juice, raspberries and sugar syrup.
Zombie – White rum, dark rum, triple sec, pineapple juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and grenadine.
We know we have our favourites, so which is yours?

Make It A Mocktail

While we all love a cocktail, there are just those times when it’s more appropriate to have a mocktail over a fully-fledged cocktail. Don’t worry, we have you covered too.
You can enjoy the same great tastes that we have on our cocktail menu, just with a few tweaks to make them entirely alcohol-free.
Passionfruit Nojito – Mint leaves, lime juice, sugar syrup, soda and passionfruit syrup.
Nojito – Mint leaves, lime juice, sugar syrup and soda
Strawberry Nojito – Mint leaves, lime juice, sugar syrup, soda and strawberry syrup.
Sex on the Beach – Orange juice, cranberry juice, grenadine topped with Lemonade.

Weekend Deals

As one of the most relaxed pubs in Derby, we are continuing to offer some great weekend deals, helping you make the most of not only your weekend but also the summer sun.
A selection of our above cocktails is on 2 for £12 speak to your mixologist, or head over to our Facebook for the full details which are included.
Every Friday and Saturday from 12pm we also have our Gordons double and mixer deal for £5. Make your selection from the full range of Gordon’s flavours and mix it with your choice of draught lemonade or draught tonic.
We also have a selection of bubble offers, with prosecco and rose spumante as little as £13.50 a bottle. Plus various shot and bomb offers.

In The Beer Garden

It’s not all about the fancy cocktails or the spirit and mixer combinations. Sometimes you want a beer garden to be just that. A place you can sit back and relax and enjoy a beer or two.
That’s why we have a great selection of bottled beers (and ciders), draught beers, real ales and even some local brews too.
Take this as your call to enjoy the Derbyshire countryside, if your friendly local pub, with the sun in your face and a beer in hand. Watch out for those beer-loving flies though! Sadly we can’t bar them from the beer garden.

Make A Meal Of It

If you are soaking up the summer sun, it seems a shame to go home for tea, so why not tuck in at one of the best restaurants in Derby? We take great pride in our menu, which means that there is a little something for everyone, no matter the weather.
While we appreciate that most people will be taking a look at our salads in the summer heat, we have a sneaky suspicion that what you really fancy is our honey-glazed ribs. Gives you that BBQ feeling, but with a side of fries and our house slaw topping it off.
Ribs not for you? Take a look at our burgers! Our Halloumi and field mushroom is perfect for vegetarians, or traditional BBQ smoked style, why not try the pulled pork burger?
Whatever you are fancying, get your great food ordered, and don’t forget another cocktail while you are there!

So why not take a break this weekend and call in for some food and drink, and soak up the sun in our fantastic beer garden. Call today if you would like to book a table inside.

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