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Celebrate Pizza Month at our Restaurant in Derbyshire

Celebrate Pizza Month at our Restaurant in Derbyshire

Does anyone really need encouragement to eat pizza? Someone thought we did and so just like that, pizza month was created! Originally started in the 1980’s, pizza month brings people together to celebrate their love of the delicious food and here at Littleover Lodge, we couldn’t be more excited! We believe that pizza is for every occasion! Comforting, warm, filling and just so so good, we just can’t get enough pizza. We love pizza so much that we have our own pizza restaurant in Derbyshire attached to our popular hotel.

Learn More About Pizza Month at our Restaurant in Derbyshire

Some historians believe pizza dates back as far as Roman times! Roman soldiers created the first pizza when they added cheese and olive oil to Matzah bread. Even 2000 years ago cheese made everything better. However, pizza, as we know it today, is a result of the discovery of the tomato in the Americans and then its return to Europe in the 16th Century.

The conventional format of pizza that we know and love today started in Naples when tomato sauce was added to flatbread. Not surprisingly pizza’s popularity escalated quickly and was almost exclusive sold from open-air stands and pizza bakeries. A traditional that some still keep today

Littleover Lodge Pizza Restaurant in Derbyshire Fact: Marinara sauce gets its name from the fisherman’s wives of Naples (La Marinara) would serve the traditional tomato sauce when their husbands returned from fishing.

Try Something New at our Pizza Restaurant in Derbyshire

Pizza month encourages people to go out and try something new on the round doughy goodness that is pizza. If anyone ever needed any more encouragement to eat and enjoy one of the world’s favourite foods, then come and visit our pizza restaurant in Derbyshire.

Our stone-baked pizza menu is crammed full of classics and Littleover Lodge specials such as The Lodge Pride – tongue tingling tomato sauce, melt in your mouth mozzarella, succulent spicy beef, rich red onion, classic chorizo, satisfying sun-dried tomato & finally palatable parmesan cheese.

You’ll have no problem trying something new at the Littleover Lodge Pizza restaurant in Derbyshire. You can browse our full pizza menu here and there so much pizza you’re spoilt for choice!

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