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Stonebaked Pizza To Brighten Your Day

Stonebaked Pizza To Brighten Your Day

Pizza may have originated in Italy, and America may have taken them to the next level with supersize slices and whole pizzas bigger than a dining room table, but here in the UK, they certainly are a firm favourite. And there is nothing better than a traditional stonebaked pizza.

Why We Love Pizza

From a young age, many people have been ingrained that pizza is a great food to enjoy. A slice of heaven some will say. But why do we love it so much?
There is a scientific reason as to why we love pizza, this is serotonin. While it might be seen as overloading with carbs, these carbs actually promote serotonin production, which is the feel-good hormone. So scientifically, pizza is good for you.
The second reason is that it comes with a wide variety of different toppings. So whether you are pro pineapple on pizza or not, there is always a topping that will suit your taste buds.
They are easy to share. Even though some of you may not want to share! You can always order a selection of pizzas, and sides, then share with everyone so you get a taste of everything.

Why Stonebaked Pizza Is Best

Thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, cheese crust, double decadence there are so many options for the base of your pizza.
Many of the pizza’s that we have here in the UK are sent through an oven on a conveyor belt. Cooking as they travel through, before being tossed into a box and delivered to your door. Others are thrown into an oven on a round baking tray with little holes in the base. Not at Littleover Lodge they aren’t.
Here at The Littleover Lodge, we have invested in a fabulous stone oven, ensured that our chefs are trained, and developed some incredible taste combinations. Why? Because stonebaked is best, that’s why.
So why is it better than the rest? The hot stone surface allows for an even cook across the base of the pizza, and throughout its core. Evenly cooking the thin dough, and melting the cheese to perfection. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is.

A Taste Sensation

While we might have sparked your attention with our stonebaked pizza, can we make your tastebuds tingle with our delicious toppings?
The Lodge Pride – So named because we sure are proud to serve this one. Toppings on this delicious pizza include; Tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy beef, red onion, chorizo, sun-dried tomato & parmesan.
The Volcano – If you’re a spicy person, you’ll love a spicy pizza. So The Volcano is the perfect combination for you. Featuring some of your favourite toppings: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy beef, chicken tikka, jalapenos, spicy sauce.
Rustica – A combination of some of the nation’s favourite pizza toppings (no pineapple here) all in one place. And what a wonderful combination they make. Toppings include; Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, mushroom, bacon, spinach, red onion and sun-dried tomatoes.
Not to mention we still have all the classics on the menu if you want something a little more traditional. Including Margarita, Pepperoni and Hawaiian.
We also have a cheeky secret pizza for you. Maybe as a pudding, unless you’ve got your sweet tooth on already. We have the incredible Nutella pizza. Chocolate? On Pizza? Topped with either fresh banana or strawberries, you can’t deny it sounds incredible. Just a hint, it tastes incredible too.

Time To Share

Pizza is one of the UK’s favourite sharing foods. So here at The Littleover Lodge, we have a suggestion for you. Gather together some of your favourite people, order a selection of our mouthwatering stonebaked pizzas, throw in some sides, and get feasting!
If you need some ideas of great complementing sides, not that you do, our favourites are the mac and cheese, skinny fries and beer-battered onion rings. Don’t forget to head over to our Gastro Menu to take a look at our tapas collection, which could really compliment those pizzas.

If you are interested in booking your table at one of the favourite Stonebaked Pizza restaurants, Derby, please contact the team today who will be honoured to get you booked!

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