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We Love Tapas! We Hope You Do Too!

We Love Tapas! We Hope You Do Too!

A hint of warm weather and we’re imagining we’re sitting in a Spanish village enjoying some beautiful tapas in the sun. So why do we love tapas? Let us talk you into trying some with us!

What Is Tapas?

Tapas refers to a style of Spanish serving, rather than specific dishes themselves. Tapas are smaller appetisers or sample dishes served in a collection with other similar dishes. There are dishes that you would usually find on a tapas menu, but everyone loves a bit of variety!

Why Do We Love Tapas?

Tapas is a great way to share a selection of dishes with everyone at your table! You get to try a little of everything. A True taste bud treat. If there are lots of little dishes that you love, you can always combine them to create yourself one main meal, full of all the different flavours of Spanish cuisine!
Tapas dishes are often full of flavour, and as they are small, the flavour never gets too much.

The Littleover Lodge Tapas Menu

There are a wide variety of dishes that we could have chosen to fill our tapas menu and plenty that our team would have loved us to add on. But sadly we had to narrow it down to a few of our favourites!

Marinated olives, crusty bread

Halloumi fritters, sweet chilli sauce

Spicy Beef & herb meatballs, tomato & garlic sauce

Whitebait, lemon, sweet chilli sauce

Patatas bravas, spicy tomato sauce, lemon aioli

Gambas al Ajillo. Prawns with garlic, chilli, paprika, olive oil

Plus plenty of other choices! We also think it works great if you make a few selections and pair them up with our Artisan Bread Platter. Giving you a real sharing delight.

Onto Your Main

With all this talk of tapas, we don’t want you to forget about your mains! Our Gastro Menu might feature the tasty tapas, but it also features a range of succulent choices for your main!
If you are looking at keeping up with the Spanish theme (because why not!) give our Spanish Paella a try! With the choice of seafood, chicken and chorizo or vegetable, it’s the perfect choice to share with great company!

Looking for something a little lighter following all that tapas, why not delve into one of our flavourful salads. Choose from superfood, smoked salad or classic chicken caesar.
Not to mention we have a collection of classics on our menu, from juicy steaks, classic lasagne, pie of the day or even a juicy beef burger! There’s plenty for you to choose from!

Here at The Littleover Lodge, we love welcoming guests and seeing them trying all the new flavours we have on our menus! So if you are interested in giving our tapas a try, get in touch with our team today who can book you a table! Or come and see us in the glorious sunshine and grab a table in our garden. Check back regularly for more great and tasty updates! We cant wait to see you again.

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Allergens and Intolerance

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