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Afternoon Tea, With Love

Afternoon Tea, With Love

When it comes to February, all you see is Valentines here and there. With lavish meals available, and nights away.
But sometimes, all we want is a nice relaxing lunch date with our nearest and dearest. So why not take a look at our succulent Afternoon Tea?

Daytime Dating

For many couples, a date is a rare opportunity for some intimacy, over a nice meal, and possibly even a bottle of wine or fizz. With this in mind, we appreciate that many couples aren’t looking for the hustle and bustle of joining us on valentine’s day and would prefer to visit us for a quieter more relaxed date.
While our Afternoon Tea isn’t available on Valentine’s Day itself, it is available Wednesday to Saturday inclusive. This means that there is no pressure from Cupid to make things all romantic, but of course, if you want to, we can help you with that!

An Alternative Date

We often find that our Afternoon Tea in February is filled with older parents and their children. Some even opened up to us that this is their parents first valentines without their significant other.
We thought it was a lovely sentiment that we wanted to share with our guests should they sadly find themselves in the same position this year.
Our wonderful Afternoon Tea is available in both the standard Littleover Lodge Afternoon Tea style and in Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea, which is perfect for Father and Son.

It’s Not All About Valentines

Throughout February we know that every opportunity to take the ones you love out for a meal or drinks turns into a valentines date. We know that sometimes, this isn’t the case.
So while the valentines menu is available, our gastro menu will also be available for the rest of the week, so you can still enjoy fabulous dining in one of the best restaurants in Derby!

If you are interested in booking in for Afternoon Tea with The Littleover Lodge, please get in touch with us today and we will happily book you in. Are you looking to make it a little special? Speak to us and we will happily help you make it as special as possible.
Don’t forget, you can always enjoy a bottle of fizz on the side, it’s not all about the tea!

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