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Loving A Bit Of Rugby

Loving A Bit Of Rugby

Here in the UK, we love a spot of rugby! And no matter what team you support in the six nations, you have to admit that there are some seriously thrilling games to be watched! That’s why here at Littleover Lodge, we invite you to watch the games with us!

Join Us At The Lodge

Sometimes watching rugby is all about the atmosphere, sometimes it’s about watching the game in a fantastic environment, with easy access to a great pint or a cracking meal.
While you won’t find a rowdy environment here, you certainly will find a friendly atmosphere with great people around you. And even if you aren’t supporting the same teams, we’re all supportive!

Grab A Bite

One of the best things to eat while watching the match is a stone-baked pizza! If you get too into the game, it doesn’t matter! Pizza tastes great cold too!
We recommend ordering a selection of pizza for the table, along with a selection of sides and sharing! What better way to show team spirit!

Got The Team Around?

We know that it’s not always practical to head on out to watch the game. Sometimes you have a house full of kids to contend with, sometimes you just have too much to get done. Well, that doesn’t mean that you cant enjoy a great meal with the game!
We’re one of the finest takeaway restaurants in Derby, so why not consider taking a look at our takeaway menu ahead of the game?
If you are looking for typical game foods, our takeaway menu has a box of wings ready to go! Not to mention some fantastic kebab options, including crispy halloumi or Quorn kebab for vegetarians. Or dive in deep with our pulled pork or chicken and steak kebab.
If you’re looking for traditional pub food at home, we have great fish and chips! Or a complete stonebaked pizza menu!

We know that you are spoilt for choice in pubs in Derby, but don’t forget that here at the Littleover Lodge, we offer the very best in personalised service. Not to mention you won’t find a better stone-baked pizza across restaurants in Derby!


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