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Beating The Post Christmas Blues

Beating The Post Christmas Blues

After we have packed away the Christmas decorations and the bells have stopped ringing, many of us start to feel a little bit blue. When you start counting down the days until the festive season can start again, you know that it’s time to get out of the house. Where better to go than joining us here at Littleover Lodge!


January is the time of year where many of us have made the New Year New Me revolutions for the New Year. When it comes to getting out and about this January, we know it’s important for you to stick to your revolutions. So how can we help you out this month?

Dry January

After a heavy Christmas and New Year, we understand why many of our guests have opted for a dry January. While we don’t agree and absolutely think you should live your best life, we’ll help in any way we can.
This doesn’t mean sticking a glass of water in front of you and hoping that you’ll be happy. It means tailoring some of our choices to suit your lifestyle.
Mocktails are a firm favourite for many of our guests, with all the wonderful flavours of traditional cocktails, with 0% alcohol. Speak to our fantastic team for the latest mocktails on offer.
And don’t forget Fridays and Saturdays are 2 for £10 on Cocktails!

Going Meat-Free

For some, this means Veganuary, while others are just going meat-free, depending on how deep you can go. If meat-free is something new for you, you might be struggling with missing out on some of the flavours you would usually be enjoying. That’s why our menu has some fantastic alternatives for you to sink your teeth into.
Some of our favourite meat-free meals include:
Halloumi Burger – baked flat mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, mayonnaise, avocado, onion rings, tomato, lettuce served with fries and slaw
Quorn Flatbread Kebab – fried vegetable, houmous, pomegranate Served with fries & slaw
Vegetarian Pizza – Tomato sauce, mozzarella, courgettes, red onions, mix peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn and parsley (add chilli to spice it up)

Healthy Eating

The typical new year’s resolution is healthy eating, possibly even to lose a few pounds. We know that when you head out for a meal, this sometimes becomes an impossible task. However, here at the lodge, we have plenty of options to help you keep to your healthier eating (we can’t stop you from having a dessert though!).
The top choices from our some of our guests include:
Sea Bass Fillet- lemon & garlic crushed potatoes, pan choi, crispy chorizo, white wine creamy sauce
Roasted Vegetable Salads – new potatoes, courgettes, onions, chickpeas, peppers, beetroot, feta cheese, spinach

So if you’re looking for restaurants in Derby, why not call into the Littleover Lodge and let us take care of you?

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Allergens and Intolerance

This website is to be used as a a best faith effort to inform you of our allergen and intolerance policy,  and may not be 100% accurate, or may be out of date at the time of reading, you should always advise your server on any dietary requirements, including intolerance & allergies. All our dishes are prepared in our kitchens where allergens are present. We therefore cannot guarantee that all our dishes are free from traces of allergens.

You must assess your own level of risk, based on your personal circumstances before consuming any of our food or drink.