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Enjoy Our Fantastic Summer Menu!

Enjoy Our Fantastic Summer Menu!

Restrictions have begun to ease and we can once again welcome all our lovely customers, both returning and new, through our doors. What better way to welcome you back with our all-new summer menu!

Lucious Lunchtimes

Lunchtime is one of our favourite times of the day. The sun is shining (sometimes) and it’s a great time to meet friends for a spot of light lunch before heading off to make the most of the rest of your day.

Our lunch menu includes some firm favourites, such as the cheese and onion omelette and the lodge club sandwich. Amongst some new salivating combinations of Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches and mushroom and spinach omelette.

We are offering our classic lunchtime specials deals on 2 and 3 courses, please see our specials board when you arrive for the lunchtime specials of the day.

Mouthwatering Mains

No matter what time you visit us, our mouthwatering mains are available for you to order. We’ve brought back some customer favourites, we’ve mixed in a few summer options, and thrown dough to the wind with our fabulous pizza toppings!

If the sun is shining, why not make yourself believe you’re in Spain with a selection of tapas, followed by a paella to share? Choose from seafood, chicken and chorizo or mixed vegetables.

Are you more interested in the classics? We’ve brought back our chef’s selection of homemade pie of the day (ask your server for the pie of the day filling), traditional fish and chips or our selection of tagliatelle dishes.

Delicious Desserts

No meal out is complete without a delicious dessert. We’ve all heard the phrase “separate dessert stomach” and you’ll surely want to use yours with our summer selection. Our summery lemon panna cotta will have your taste buds tingling, while our churros will leave you both satisfied while wanting to come back again for more.

Book A Table

While restrictions have eased, we will still be doing our bit to encourage social distancing. This means we are still running at reduced capacity, so booking your table in advance can help you to secure your space.

Book a table through our online form or get in touch with our reception today who will be more than happy to discuss availability with you.

For more information about our opening, or the precautions that we are taking, please get in touch with our team today, we are happy to put your mind at ease.

Please note that due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and changes to policies means that our opening and capacity is subject to change. If any changes occur and you are unsure if this affects your booking, please contact the team who will be happy to advise your further.

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Allergens and Intolerance

This website is to be used as a a best faith effort to inform you of our allergen and intolerance policy,  and may not be 100% accurate, or may be out of date at the time of reading, you should always advise your server on any dietary requirements, including intolerance & allergies. All our dishes are prepared in our kitchens where allergens are present. We therefore cannot guarantee that all our dishes are free from traces of allergens.

You must assess your own level of risk, based on your personal circumstances before consuming any of our food or drink.