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Littleover Lodge – The Perfect Plaice for Fish and Chips Day

Littleover Lodge – The Perfect Plaice for Fish and Chips Day

It’s National Fish and Chips Day on 7th June and here at Littleover Lodge, we have the finest fish and chips that will satisfy your whole families appetite.
No other dish says British quite like fish and chips, packed with rich and wholesome flavours and perfect comfort food. Unlike some meals it can be enjoyed all year round, from sunny summer days to colder winter months; you can always enjoy a healthy portion of chips with some fish.

From Foggy Shores to Littleover Lodge

The roots of fish and chips lay on Britain’s foggy seaside towns with working class people enjoying a battered fillet in an oil-stained newspaper.
In the late 1800s, trawl fishing became a major industry in the North Sea meaning an increasing availability of fresh fish in areas beyond coastal towns.
From here vendors began to pop up in towns and cities across the country and it became popular in pubs and restaurants.

During both World War I and World War II ministers went the extra mile to make sure that fish and chips were one of the few foods that were never rationed to help keep spirits high.
Winston Churchill once described the popular dish as the ‘Good Companions’ to the British public.

Traditional and Tasty Fish and Chips at Littleover Lodge

Here at Littleover Lodge, we offer a hand-battered cod with pea foam, tasty tartar sauce and refreshing watercress salad topped off with a healthy portion of home cooked chips.
Our chefs understand the importance of quality fish and chips, which is the reason all of our menu items are cooked to order.

Book Your Table at Littleover Lodge

Littleover Lodge has been one of the leading restaurants in Derby with a host of delicious dishes including our Lodge Fish and Chips.
This year also marks the 160th birthday of our favourite meal, so why not pop in a indulge in a proper British delicacy over the weekend?
If you’d like to know more about our Gastro Menu, which caters for all appetites please get in touch today or come and pay us a visit in Littleover in Derby.

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