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Take Another Little Pizza Our Heart At JC Hotels in 2019

Take Another Little Pizza Our Heart At JC Hotels in 2019

At Littleover Lodge, we’re not ashamed to say that we love pizza. More specifically, we are enjoying a long term love affair with mouth-watering authentic stone baked pizza. Are you hungry yet? We are! 

You may not know it yet, but Littleover Lodge is one of the best pizza restaurants in Derbyshire. And if you don’t know it, you absolutely must visit us this summer and treat your tastebuds to a slice. Shared or enjoyed alone, each of our pizzas is a delight that will transport you to Naples with each bite. 

Enjoy Tantalising Toppings From Our Pizza Oven

How do you like your pizzas? Maybe you like them oozing with cheesy goodness. Or perhaps you prefer something a little more exotic?

We love pizza so much that our dedicated menu is packed full of toppings waiting to be enjoyed by diners. Reel yourself in a taste of the ocean with our Land & Sea pizza, or go All American with our tender pulled pork toppings slathered in barbeque sauce and finished with caramelised onions. The choice is yours.

We offer a range of pizzas for all palates, ages and preferences. And if you don’t quite fancy pizza (it happens sometimes), we offer a huge menu packed with alternatives.

Perfect Pizza In Derbyshire Every Time

We prepare all of our pizzas with passion and cook them to perfection in our very own pizza oven in Derbyshire. Baking them in this way makes them ultra delicious as the higher heat of the oven makes for faster cooking times, crispier crusts and an unrivalled taste you won’t find anywhere else in Derbyshire.

Loved by many, pizza is a social food that and it can be enjoyed in so many ways. Which is why, as well as offering a comprehensive pizza menu to diners at the Littleover Lodge, our freshly prepared and authentically baked pizzas are also available to take away. So, if you’ve got a party planned or fancy the evening curled up with a loved one catching up on Game of Thrones, you can nip into us and take away your very own slice of Italy fresh from our pizza oven in Derbyshire.

Try Our Pizza Oven in Derbyshire Today

We think all occasions can be celebrated well with pizza, so we offer our dedicated menu throughout the week to diners. Join us at the Littleover Lodge restaurant and bar this summer and take a pizza our heart (last time we use the pun – promise!). To find out more information about our menus and for table booking, get in touch with us today.

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Allergens and Intolerance

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