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Watch England Vs Croatia With A Sharing Feast at Our Hotels Derbyshire!

Watch England Vs Croatia With A Sharing Feast at Our Hotels Derbyshire!

Still unsure on where you’ll be watching the big game? With a family-friendly atmosphere and the chance to sit outside in the glorious sunshine, there are no other hotels in Derbyshire like Littleover Lodge who will be celebrating the football as good as us!

Known by all the locals for having an amazing team who will cater for your every need, we want to bring everyone together for a night of celebrations watching the football on our 65” HD TV – along with washing it down with delicious food and drinks for a true footballing spirit.

Making You Football Ready at Our Hotels in Derbyshire

If you choose to join us at our hotels in Derbyshire this evening, you’ll have the chance to try our very own World Cup sharing feast including delicious treats such as chicken strips, breaded scampi, chips, wedges, brioche buns, and a trio of drips… For the ultimate world cup experience, simply bring along your friends for a night of cheering, and we will all shout together – Football IS coming home!

If you would like to try something else from our food options, we also have a range of other fantastic menus such as gastro menu, stone-baked pizza menu, and even a kids menu for your little ones… All menus are prepared by talented and experienced chefs, and we guarantee you will love our mouth-watering starters, mains, and desserts.

Of course, watching the football would not be the same without a beer, therefore we have stocked up on premium draught alcohols so there is plenty to go around! Other options on our drinks menu include cocktails, soft drinks, wines, spirits, and hot drinks.

Contact Us Today To Find Out More About Our Hotels in Derbyshire

If you would like to find out more information about our other hotels in Derbyshire such as The Lion Hotel and The Boars Head Hotel, both of which will also be celebrating the World Cup, please feel free to contact us and we can help you with any enquires.

Thinking of joining us this evening? Let us know if you have any special requirements and we can get these sorted for you! You can also book a table online here.

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