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Getting Out And About Near Littleover

Getting Out And About Near Littleover

Whether you are coming to stay here at The Littleover Lodge, or you are just visiting us for breakfast, lunch, or your evening meal, it is always nice to know what the local area has to offer.

Getting Out In Nature

In Derbyshire, we are surrounded by plenty of natural beauty. From the start of the Peak District National Park to large open fields, small forests and everything in between. So, where are the local attractions that can get you out and about in nature?
Darley Park – Just a 10-minute drive away from Littleover Lodge we have the stunning Darley Park. With the calming river Derwent running the length of the park, you can sit by the water’s edge and enjoy a nice family picnic, or even stroll to the furthest end of the park where you can see the picturesque Darley Abbey.
Mercia Marina – Wildlife walks, relaxing boat rides and thrilling cycle trails, the marina has a bit of everything. Make sure you take your camera, you might find a couple of the cheeky otters playing by the water’s edge!
Attenborough Nature Reserve – This tranquil space was opened by Sir Attenborough himself as a place of outstanding natural beauty. Here you can find gentle walking trails, nature at its finest and even an array of endangered birds. So make sure to pack binoculars.

For The Kids

Bringing the kids to Derbyshire shouldn’t limit the number of activities you can enjoy! Take a look at some of the local places you can take the kids, depending on their interests and ages.
Bluebell Dairy – It would be rude of us if we missed Bluebell Dairy off the list for the kids! Where else is better to take young kids than a farm where you can get fresh ice cream and pet the animals? If the kids don’t enjoy it, the adults sure will!
Swadlincote Snowsports Centre – Something for the adventurous kids is the snowsports centre. You can throw them down the slopes on a tube, or send them into a lesson to become a snowboarding pro in time for the winter Olympics! You can even enjoy a family session where you can all fall over together!
East Midlands Aeropark – Children often have a fascination with types of transport. So why not get them hands-on with some larger than life planes at the East Midlands Aeropark?

On A Rainy Day

Sadly we can’t always guarantee that the weather will be nice enough to enjoy all the outdoor activities. So what do we suggest for a rainy day?
Unescapable Escape Rooms – Why not try ou something different? Find out how good your detective skills are by working your way out of an escape room! Don’t worry, you’ll make it out eventually….
National Brewery Centre – A short journey away in Burton on Trent will find you at the National Brewery Centre. In the home of UK brewing, you can take a guided tour and find out more about the history of brewing, and even how it was transported!
Derby Museum And Art Gallery – A great place to learn about local history for both the kids and adults, while taking in some culture with pieces from both local and national artists. What will be your favourite piece?

At the end of the day, you can always come back to The Littleover Lodge and tuck into some tasty dishes from our main menu, before heading up to your room where you can stay the night.
For more information on staying or dining with us, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you.

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